Exhibition: 'Press Pause', Oct 4 - Nov 2, 2014.

'Press Pause' is a group show of new works by Toby Dutton, Bren Luke, and Mia Schoen. These three artists respond to moving images/stills from film and television with paintings and drawings.

The exhibition opens at Kreisler Gallery on Sat Oct 4th, 3pm.

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The joint exhibition ‘Press Pause’ responds to the ubiquitous screen display gallery experience. New works by artists Toby Dutton, Bren Luke and Mia Schoen seek to oppose the uniform properties of the flat projection one-dimensional screen by creating objects of unique presence and aura, in paint and ink. The subject is interpreted through a personal narrative of TV shows and films which have visually and emotionally influenced each artist.

“The mere sound of the Doctor Who theme tune would cause me to leap behind the couch in sheer terror as a young child. In this ‘Press Pause’ exhibition I have exorcised my early demons to produce a series of paintings which embrace the alien and other universes on screen.”
- Toby Dutton

“I've been using stills from cinema/moving pictures for some time now as a direct source reference as well as an overarching influence on my pen and ink drawings, primarily 1950s Film Noir, the films of Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu, the French Nouvelle Vague of the 1960's and the American New Wave cinema of the late 1970's/ early 80's. The drawings I've chosen to show in 'Press Pause' are an enquiry into the artistic approach, common aesthetics and thematic tropes transferred through the decades by directors and cinematographers.”
- Bren Luke

“Fast painted and glowing like screens I’ve portrayed the set-up exteriors pre-entering the narrative ‘interior’ to where richly built characters live out their struggle. The story content of the TV shows Prisoner and Roseanne is embedded in the 70s/80s gritty production aesthetic.”
-Mia Schoen