(The Prevailing) 'Mood Board' Culture

A Mood Board is an assemblage of 'borrowed' images, usually by a designer, to indicate a concept and/or look for a series of images they wish to produce.

In a given context, or acceding to interpretation, it could be seen as a road map to plagiarism. Furthermore, I have been seeing mood boards posted online that are simply copyright breaches, and which are illegal. Many of these are by photographers, posting the work of other photographers, without due credit or acknowledgement, and in a context, such as Facebook, where they have to state that work they post does NOT violate copyright!

I am afraid I can have no respect for a photographer who rather than present their own work would rather violate the copyright of another, to convey the idea that this is how their own work might look.

How would you as a photographer feel if I stole one of your pictures and presented it on my website? I reckon you would be pissed off.

One group on Facebook is routinely supporting this practice, and I believe the owner should moderate the page, and stop this from happening. I am sure they are one of many. Check out the group: Melbourne Last Minute Models/Photographers.

Copyright ownership of our photography was hard won in Australia, and has enabled many to have ongoing income from their creative work. You can read more HERE

If you have an idea for a shoot, pitch it with words, some example photos of you own, a link to your site, even a link to a photographer's website.

Don't steal other people's work. 

Snake handler, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Snake handler, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Catalogue Photography, Menzies June Auction, 2015

I carried out a recent series of photography for the Menzies June catalogue.

Pictured is a spread from the catalogue of a Bronwyn Oliver sculpture, and the shot:

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