Big Small Gig, Sporting Club

I attended a gig by the Big Small last Sunday night at the Sporting Club in Brunswick. It was very intimate, almost like having the band in your lounge, so there was a nice between song banter with the band and audience. At one point we all joked about the band's name, and the audience suggested variations on the name, including 'the Biggest Small'.

It was a real privilege seeing such a cracking band up so close. They play a unique brand of rock 'n' roll, and the musicianship is impeccable. They are playing the next two Sundays at 7pm, and I urge you to get along. Did I mention they are very photogenic, too?

Due to popular demand, Anne Hastie...

...will be giving a second artist's talk on Sat May 24th at Kreisler Gallery, 2pm. Several people wished to attend the first one, but couldn't make it because of Mother's day commitments.

The details:

Saturday May 24th, 2-3pm

242 Victoria St, Brunswick, Vic 3056.

Anne Hastie delivering an artist's talk.

Artist Talk, Anne Hastie, Sun May 11th, 2pm

Anne Hastie is giving a talk about her works, and her residencies in Beijing this coming Sunday at Kreisler Gallery. She will be showing images from her time there, too.

All welcome to attend.

Kreisler Gallery

242 Victoria St, Brunswick, 3056

Sunday May 11, 2pm.

Anne Hastie in her Beijing Studio, March 2014.

Sat May 3rd, Anne Hastie opening, Kreisler Gallery

A reminder about the opening of Anne Hastie's beautiful show of new works, 'Going, going, gone...', this weekend, at Kreisler Gallery, 3-6pm, 242 Victoria St, Brunswick, 3056.

Hastie did the works over the summer while on a residency in Beijing, and the show features both paintings and photographs.

The works are available to view and purchase on this site, too. Click here to view.

Photo Series: 'On The Street Of Ghosts', Purple Panels, 2014, Giclee Print on Archival Paper.

Gallery view, 'Going, going, gone...'

British India, Live Stream, today 2pm.

Ok, so I didn't know what a Google Hangout was until a few days ago when Emily a music publicist from Death Proof approached me about doing a live stream from my (NBN!) office and studio.

The subject for the Hangout is local band British India.

You can watch the stream at 2pm today.

Click here to watch.

Emily and Dean setting up the Google Hangout.

British India, Google Hangout, 242 Victoria St, 3056.

British India, Hangout, wide shot

British India, Hangout.

Kerry Armstrong artworks

Working on retouching a series of works that I have photographed for artist Kerry Armstrong. Abstract paintings on canvas, very nice and colourful.

Kerry Armstrong painting.

You can see more of Kerry's work here.

Anne Hastie Exhibition, 'Going, going, gone...'

Kreisler Gallery is excited to invite you to the opening of a show of new paintings and photographs by Anne Hastie, which she completed recently while on a residency in Beijing. Going, going, gone... opens on Saturday May 3rd, from 3pm to 6pm.

Art Almanac advertisement for show, May 2014 Issue.

Paintings and photographs by Anne Hastie

 Artist’s Statement 


 I have been travelling to China since 1999 and participating in the Red Gate Artist-in-Residence Program since 2005.  I have, over the years, developed many strong impressions of China, one of the strongest being of massive, almost convulsive change – of constant and large-scale loss.  During my three-month residency in 2014, China experienced at least two catastrophic losses, and made a commitment to one of the greatest changes through internal migration the world has ever seen. 

 In January fire raged through Shangri-La, the 1000-year-old Tibetan town in Yunnan made famous by James Hilton's 1933 novel, destroying 242 structures, many of them irreplaceable.

 In March, the government made a commitment to continue to urbanize the country by bringing 100 million rural migrants in to live in cities by 2020. Urban life, as opposed to farming, offers modern housing, health and social welfare services, better schools, and larger pensions.

 Also on March unbelievable tragedy struck with the disappearance of flight MH 370, with 153 Chinese citizens on board.  The loss of life was particularly acute as it included a group of Chinese artists and calligraphers returning from Kuala Lumpur. Nineteen artists, six family members and four artists’ staff members were on board the plane.

 The show

 The photographic segment of this exhibition, Going, going, gone… presents images of deserted shop fonts in the world heritage city of Pingyao, in Shanxi province, central China.  While this street is full of ghosts, the rest of the city is booming with tourism.  One of the prices we often pay for progress is loss.

 The paintings in this exhibition are on canvas and on paper.  In these images I explore and exploit reactions between paint, ink, varnish, water, and air.  In varying combinations, and using natural phenomena of humidity and gravity, I intervene while these media are in their liquid state to create delicate, textural, multi-layered images.  What initially appears to be flat, on closer inspection reveals a history of pooling, dripping, wiping and over-painting.  Lakes of color and marbled textures are reminiscent of patterns seen in nature, yet the images remain abstracted, suggesting far off and fantastical worlds.  They represent a continuing journey into the boundless possibilities of painting.

Kreisler Gallery, 242 Victoria St, Brunswick, Vic 3056. M: 0413 1812904.