Black Word Box, The Pet Rocks

This is a further video collaboration between Andrew Keall (director and animation) and Nick Kreisler (camera stills), from 2011. Kreisler approached Keall to make a video for Black Word Box by his band The Pet Rocks, which is part of the album High Frequencies.

Given that the album contained many references and themes going back to Kreisler's life growing up in New Zealand, and that it had been recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios in Auckland, it made sense to have a Kiwi artist interpret the song. Kreisler approached Keall, an artist he admires, and they worked on the idea of stop motion animation and the work of the famous NZ film and animation pioneer Len Lye, who Kreisler had known as a boy.

The video leads off with a depiction of Mt Taranaki, and morphs into an exploration of the text in the song. It features Kreisler's eyebrows (!) and his prized vintage1961Vox AC30 - the Black Word Box. 

Andrew Keall, 'MASS'

From 2014, this is an animated work by Melbourne artist Andrew Keall, and indicative of his darkly humorous and surreal style, which often plays with text. A dystopian landscape populated by a walking book, malevolent skeleton, an ape, and an ass.

Nick Kreisler did the soundtrack within a set of narrow parameters - only use the Moog Sub Phatty analogue synth, create foley, and use ambient sound recordings.

Turbo: 'Last Man Standing'.

This video features the late Trevor Turbo Brown painting works for his solo show at Melbourne Museum, 2012. I shot this video with Tom Chapman, and it accompanied the exhibition. Another video produced about the show around this time was the 15 minute documentary White Kangaroo, by Jeff Daniels.