Exploring the Fuji X camera system.

I decided I needed to get a small, mirrorless camera for street photography, as last time I tried to shoot from the hip in Thailand i had a small accident - Day 1, Canon 5D2 in Bangkok, I go to change from my 70-200 f.4 to a wide angle zoom, and drop the wide angle onto the pavement. Toast. I didn't do a lot of shooting on that trip. It was a headache. Not like using my Leica M2 and M6 of yesteryear which had served me well in Mexico and so on.

My old Leica M2 with 50mm Summicron.

I still managed to get a few nice pics in Thailand with the bulky Canon, but resolved not to do the same in future.

I wanted something like a Leica (pun intended). First off I looked at the Fuji X100s, but got discouraged by two things: the next model, the X100T comes out at the end of November (i'm impatient), and I think it prudent to be able to change lenses. Sensors come and go, and you end up ditching the body after a time.

I was really impressed with the Fuji XT1 - loved it when I handled some X cameras at the local shop. However, it is still fairly new, and still commands a lot of coin in the used market. I started considering the XE2, as I like the idea of the offset viewfinder. I finally bought one from a Photo Journalist, who had two, complete with the 18-55 zoom.

I am amazed at the image quality of the XE2. I really dig the form factor and construction of the body, too. It actually reminds me of my old Leica rangefinder, and it is very solid. I was at Cosco the other day and checked out some mirror less cameras, such as the Sony A600, and they all felt very plastic. The Fuji feels like a pro camera.

Here is a selection of images from the Fuji XE2, some jpeg, some raw, all with the 18-55 zoom:

For my upcoming trip to Thailand, I will ideally add the XF 27mm 'pancake' prime lens, as an all purpose carry around. Equivalent to 40mm, it's a focal length that sits nicely for me. The optional battery grip would improve the balance and handling, too, and if I could stretch, a Billingham Hadley Pro bag would be the icing on the cake.

Fishnet Shadow and Mannequin. Fuji XE2, with 18-55mm Zoom.