Grenson shoe test

As I was anticipating conducting a photography workshop at Gold City Shoes in Bangkok last week I had done some shoe photo tests in my lounge in Sydney. The best shoe I had kicking around was this handmade brogue by the revered British shoe maker, Grenson. I shot this on a white seamless with 2 Profoto strobes through an octabox and grid respectively.

Grenson Archie shoe.

Gold City Shoes sell approximately 5 million shoes per year, and supply boots to the Thai military. Their warehouse is massive, and below are some Iphone pics of the interior.

Jewellery photography workshop in Bangkok - teaching Tong

I have been doing a series of educational workshops on product photography while in Bangkok. 

Yesterday it was flat lay shooting of bags, and today I've been teaching Tong, who has a prestige jewellery business. Tong wanted to learn how to shoot jewellery for his family business.

We looked at using a light tent to capture a diamond necklace on black, and I encouraged him to take the shot with his new Olympus Macro lens. We had purchased the light tent the day before at MBK shopping centre, and I was really impressed with it - I will definitely buy one myself.

 I ran through file management and outputting jpegs optimised for web as well.

Photo by Tong. Diamond Necklace by Charn Jewellery, Bangkok.


Handbags for Marchi Leather

I shot some handcrafted bags for Marchi Leather in Bangkok late last year. Pictured right is the Cubit. I was reminded of these while giving a Bangkok workshop today on shooting products, and used this image as an example of the many stages of the process in product photography, and issues around getting clean white backgrounds.

Marchi Leather - red bag.

Marchi Leather, Cubit bag.


Arcadia exhibition: showing now

Arcadia, a group photography show is currently on at Collab Gallery and runs until July 29th, 2017. Hours are: Wed-Sat, 11-5pm.

My works are available to purchase, HERE.

Eye Makeup & Skull, 2017.

Since 2015 Nick Kreisler has been exploring Bangkok shopping malls through a camera’s lens. Much like a modern day Grand Palais these styled environments overload the senses with a rich tapestry of technology, advertising images, and products.
Kreisler masterfully captures reflective surfaces choosing to present them in diptychs of rhythmic lines, shapes and angles. Kreisler’s images capture the playful allure of these capitalist temples while still alluding to a dystopian reality simmering below the shimmering surface.
Kreisler is an established Sydney and Melbourne based photographer. He describes his artistic approach as a ‘‘cool observational approach to portraiture and street photography. It should look easy, democratic, and devoid of pretence". He counts Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, Lee Friedlander and Helmut Newton as influences.

Arcadia, photo exhibition, Collab Gallery, Sydney

I am exhibiting work in a group photography show, Arcadia, opening on July 19th, 6-8.30pm.

My contribution is images of Shopping Malls in Bangkok, taken between 2015-2017, from my series 'Shiny Surfaces'.

Collab Gallery is at 64 Pine St, Chippendale, Sydney.

Show runs until July 29th, 2017.

Passing Glance, 2017, from the series 'Shiny Surfaces'.