New Developments at 242 Victoria St, Brunswick.

Could 242 be on the way to being the largest arts centre in Brunswick, and by proxy, Moreland? We are close to completing a mix of galleries, workspaces for creative professionals, and are also pleased to announce the opening of Little Nina's Cafe today. Previously Hungry Birds Cafecito, new owner Sandra Mau has expanded with Little Nina's, adding substantial indoor seating to accompany the al fresco dining area.

Kreisler Gallery has new exhibitions scheduled, and will soon be adjoined by new gallery, Rogue Planet. Rogue Planet is a dedicated Fine Art Print Gallery, and will be run by owner Nicholas Mau.

Mau continues to offer spaces for Creative Professionals upstairs in the building, and Kreisler is developing more hot desks for the front office downstairs. Contact us through this site for more info.

Little Nina's Interior Seating.

Little Nina's Exterior.

Little Nina's - view from interior seating area.