A burst of Street Photos, Bangkok.

Ok, not strictly street, as I went down to the canal (klong), too. Happy with the horizontal 'framing' lines that run through some of these images. Happy to have some humour running through them as well - check out the Buddha with lady on iPhone pic...

Bangkok - Hyper Real Colour Technique.

I have come up with a new technique, for me at least, that is giving me really great, hyped colour and texture in my photos. It suits Bangkok perfectly, and is the kind of look I was seeking, without knowing it. It is inspiring me to hit the streets and do a tonne of pics. Am I going to divulge how I am achieving this look...? No, I usually give away my secrets far too freely, so for the moment I am hanging on to this one.

Photos: Grids, Patterns, Geometry, and Repetition, Bangkok.

I have recently being seeing patterns and repeated shapes in the (urban) landscape. Usually I capture them with my iPhone as that's all I have on me at that moment, but on rare occasions I have a camera handy, such as below.

These images were shot in Bangkok. On the left an architectural shot at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), and on the right an ad for face whitening.

Below is a further shot of an exhibition space at BACC. I really enjoyed this work by a Polish artist, whose name i did not get a chance to note down.

There are more of my 'pattern' shots HERE.

Shooting In Bangkok.

I am in Bangkok until the end of the month, and have a couple of commercial photography jobs on. I am staying in the excellent suburb of Thong Lo, and am fortunate to be surrounded by park land. Stepping out into the streets, there is an abundance of top notch street food places.

In addition to doing doing the photography jobs - had to bring quite a lot of lighting with me from Melbourne - I will be taking street photos with my Fuji XE2, and 18-55mm zoom. My initial thoughts are to explore the vivid and saturated colours of Thailand, and the food. Not very complex thematically, I know, but visually interesting nonetheless. I am sure my recent interest in strange patterns, grids, and reflections will make an appearance in the photos, too, along the way.

To check out the photos, click HERE. I will be updating as I go with more images under Photography>Personal Projects.

Decommissioned public phone box, Thong Lo, Bangkok, July 2015.