Pic of the day

Occasionally you pick up a publication and chance upon something you have shot. It was a pleasant surprise to see this image of an artist in performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art from an event shoot I did earlier in the year, published in Liveworks 2017, the handbook for the Festival Of Experimental Art.


Pic of the day...


...Liveworks 2017

Digitisation Service Australia

Since the beginning of this year I had been considering rebooting a digitisation business, and this has eventuated with Digitisation Service Australia, here in central Sydney.

I had had a similar business ten years ago 'Viewfinder'.

Increasingly I have noticed a demand for a specialised and independent digitisation business since I returned to Sydney 18 months ago to work at the Art Gallery of NSW, and subsequently on the mass digitisation project at the State Library of NSW.

I will run Digitisation Service Australia alongside Kreisler Photography.


Digitisation Service Australia