Green & Pink

Sometimes you stumble into a place that is a gift aesthetically, and which is begging to be photographed. Chairoj Restaurant was love at first sight for me. This is a Bangkok institution among those in the know, legendary for its food. The food is all that, and when my partner Chitra suggested we go for lunch I needed no encouragement - I had seen the place at night on a previous occasion. 

The green of the place is really something, and familiar to me as my father, an artist, painted plenty in these hues, so much so that my daughter calls this particular shade dominating the photos 'Kreisler Green'. I liken the greens to Fender's guitar colours from the 60's, Surf Green and Seafoam Green.

I took these shots during lunch with my Fuji X. Is there any reason why a photo story can't be shot in one hour?!

Green & Pink - Chairoj Restaurant, Bangkok, December 2015.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

I have visited the Grand Palace a few times, and am often overwhelmed by the heat of the day and the crowds. Because of visiting hours, the light is usually pretty bad for shooting, too. Here are some shots from a visit in 2015.