My grandfather Ernst Kreisler and his wife Annie with family outside the Kreisler business in Buenos Aires, early 1930s.

Pet Rocks compact discs: High Frequencies and Wayward Ways.

Pet Rocks compact discs: High Frequencies and Wayward Ways.

White Kangaroo Documentary, 2012.

Nick Kreisler

A Kiwi born in the 1960s, Nick has made Australia home since 1999, first living in Sydney, then moving to Melbourne in 2007.

Nick majored in Spanish at Auckland University, 1988. He went on to teach English as a Foreign Language, but photography was a stronger calling.

Initially Nick assisted advertising photographer Rudolf Erb, a relationship that spanned 1989-1994. He then shot freelance editorial for magazines such as Pavement, focussing on portraiture and fashion. Wanting to learn some specific photography skills, he completed a one year Certificate in Professional Photography at Unitec in 1997.

As a keen musician, he was active in the AK rock scene for the 90's, playing with Greg Fleming and the Trains, Steam, and then fronting his band The Pet Rocks, who released the album PR Nightmare in 1997.

The Pet Rocks was re established with a lineup of Sydney musicians after he moved to Australia in 1999, and the band has gone on to make two albums: Wayward Ways (1998), and the recent High Frequencies (2014). 

Initially freelancing as a photographer in Sydney, he then worked as a Senior Photographer at the State Library of NSW from 2003-2006. Following this, he ran Viewfinder Digitisation Solutions with Charles Gordon for three years, offering digitisation to cultural institutions and the private sector. One client, Menzies Art Brands, continues to engage Nick to photograph auction catalogues.

From 2009 onwards, Nick turned his attention to fine art, in addition to his other activities. First off, he set up an online art gallery, This morphed into Kreisler Gallery, which operates in Brunswick, Melbourne. There was a precedent for this, with his family heavily involved in the art community in New Zealand. His mother, has run Lesley Kreisler Gallery for more than 20 years in New Plymouth. His brother Aaron is a respected curator. A feature length documentary about Nick's father Tom, a painter, screens at the NZIFF (International Film Festival) in 2015, Tom Who?: The Enigma Of Tom Kreisler.

Also, the local council, City Of Moreland, commissioned a short documentary looking at Nick's relationship with Aboriginal artist Trevor Turbo Brown in 2012, 'White Kangaroo'.