It's a weird genre of photography, 'Travel'. I don't get commissioned to do travel photography, so this street shooting is out of interest. It trains the eye, and gives me a richer insight in to a country and culture. I reckon my style is raw and at times ironic, humorous. I also seek out the mundane, quotidian stuff. I can't do those immaculate postcard shots of Angkor Watt, with sunsets and super saturated colour. Too much Robert Frank i guess.

On a technical note, digital has opened up this style of candid shooting in a way that was not so accessible with film. I would have given anything for the recent mirrorless digitals when i was working with a Leica M2 back in the day. The Fuji X, et al, are great, as is my iPhone 6+. Recent work is on the XE2.


I first went to Bangkok in 1988, and loved it. I hadn't been out of New Zealand since living in Mexico in the late 70's, and it reminded me of Mexico City. Since 2014 I have been three times, and plan to go regularly. It is very stimulating visually, with all its layers of colour, shape, and human activity. I am gestating a documentary project...