Hot Desks In Brunswick, $50 per day, Unlimited NBN wifi.

Are you seeking casual office space? Got a project that you need to complete but too many distractions at home?

We have a complete plug and play open plan hot desk space in the heart of Brunswick - just minutes from Sydney Rd/Lygon St.

This is a professional environment, and features:

  • fully carpeted room
  • light filled north facing open plan space
  • painted white throughout, uniform desks
  • your own desk, chair, and power outlets
  • double glazed windows and acoustic absorption for maximum quiet
  • unlimited blazing Fibre Optic NBN internet supply

There is a (licensed) adjoining cafe, if you wish to have a coffee and/or meal with clients. The building has long been a business and creative hub, with creative professionals working from their office spaces, and an art gallery on site.

Hours are Mon-Fri 9-3.30pm.

The space is supervised, and costs $50 for the day.

Call Nick on 0413 181204 to book your desk.

The largest gallery and arts centre in Brunswick...?

Kreisler Gallery and Rogue Planet are laying down the gauntlet, and claim to be at the heart of the largest commercial arts precinct in Brunswick. At 242 Victoria St we now boost two galleries, a cafe, and offices for creative professionals. 

Come check us out!

Interior, Kreisler Gallery.