Leica M 90mm Lens on Fuji X-E2

On a whim, I decided to buy an adaptor to see if i could put an old Leica M lens onto my new Fuji X-E2.

I used to have a complete Leica M2 system, with 35, 50, and 90mm lenses. I used it for about 20 years. I had inherited it from my father's uncle, who had bought it new in the early 60's. I loved it, and i especially liked the 90mm Elmarit, f2.8. It wasn't so great in its colour reproduction, but it was wonderful for black and white portraits with something special in its detail and contrast.

Anyway, I sold the gear some years back, figuring I would not shoot film again, and thinking I would probably never use a Leica again either. Leica had said for the longest time they would never make a digital Leica M, and for a while they hovered on the brink of going belly up. I sold off all the stuff on Ebay, with the exception of the 90mm. I couldn't sell it because the mount was damaged, and it sat in my unused gear box.

Forward to last week, and I thought what the hell...? Why couldn't I put that old lens on my Fuji? I went on Ebay, and bought the first adaptor I could find, for $18.

I couldn't believe it when it arrived and it worked with the 90mm and the camera. I fixed the crack on my lens mount with some superglue, and started shooting. Incredible!

Man I'm glad I kept that lens.

Portrait of my daughter Lucy, with Fuji X-E2 and Leica Elmarit 90mm f2.8

Lucy and Mila, same camera specs as above.