Corporate Style

I am not that keen on the term 'corporate photography', but it seems to get used plenty so I guess I should roll with it. I prefer to say 'formal' portraits...

Angelica Mesiti

Screen Based artist Angelica Mesiti is pictured working on edits for her forthcoming work 'Mother Tongue', scheduled for release November 2017 in Denmark. This shot was taken at Felix Media, Carriageworks, Sydney.



Thai business woman Chintana is pictured at Sunshine Court in Bangkok, 2016.  I love the silk outfit she chose for the shoot.

Sharrock Pitman Lawyers.

Sharrock Pitman Law Firm

From a staff series in 2014 for Melbourne lawyers Sharrock Pitman. I worked on location at their offices with my Profoto lighting, and had taken in the grey background paper. It was a really smooth shoot with this friendly firm.